Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Flying Lotus - Massage Situation

This beat from the ever so bad ass Flylo has been stuck in our heads all EFFING day! Enjoy! Scott B.

Sleigh Bells Do Jumping Jacks

Here's a great and entertaining interview with Sleigh Bells - Drew N.

Iration - Dream

It's senior year all over again. Come back to the LC, David!! - Scott B.

Friday, March 23, 2012

More greatness from the one they call Teeel. Enjoy, visitors! - Scott B.

Art Exposure

"Greedy Hands Steal from the Blind"       By: Sarah Hutchings

Flashback Fridays: Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened

This 80's electronic band was highly inspirational to such chillwave Maestros as Alan Palomo of Neon Indian and Ernest Greene of Washed Out. Check out there 1984 song "Dead Eyes Opened". - Drew N.

The Velvet Chameleon

“The Velvet Chameleon” was compounded by the musician/songwriter Adarsh Fernando. The track "No Dice" features sounds reminiscent of those from Robin Pecknold with a certain vocal sting that adds nicely  to a wailing guitar. What a treat. - Scott B.

Source: Bandcamp

Some Nights - Fun.

Thanks Jason B. for an awesome suggestion. How....FUNtastic?

Gotye - Dig Your Own Hole

A great suggestion by reader Max B.!

Heal The Weak - Micah Buzan

Psychedelic hand drawn animation and music by Micah Buzan. Some great work here, keep it up Micah! Thanks, Eric, for giving us the hint on this. Love it.

Frederica von Stade sings "Voi che sapete"-1973

A performance from the Glyndebourne Festival Opera in 1973. What a wonderful rendition of a classic Aria. Frederica has stolen our hearts before, now she has done it again! Brava!!

Ezio Pinza peforming " Lungi Dal Caro Bene"

Classic Italian art song by Giuseppe Sarti. Nice full baritone voice, let us endulge...

Sleigh Bells - Irreplaceable (Beyonce cover)

Here's an interesting little jam out of one of Eddie from Torrance's favorite bands, "Sleigh Bells". There were rumors in the air last year that lead guitarist Derek Miller was soon going to collaborate with Beyonce believe it or not. Sadly this never happened, but instead Sleigh Bells has recorded a cover of Beyonce's hit "Irreplaceable" as a treat for there fans. Check it out over at Soundcloud. - Drew N.

Source: Pitchfork

We Are Trees - Sunrise Sunset

Here's another groovy track from We Are Trees. - Drew N.

We Are Trees - Girlfriend

I discovered a great new band today called "We Are Trees". Kind of reminds me of a lo-fi Grizzly Bear. Check these guys out and enjoy! - Drew N.

We Need Suggestions!!!

Hey guys you should email us if you want any songs or art or anything posted up. We can't know unless you tell us!! - Scott B.

mewithoutYou - "Bullet To Binary"

Here's a grimy little ditty from a band called Mewithoutyou. This Britpop esc, post-hardcore sound makes us all wanna put the top down! From the album, "A--B Life," in stores and online now on Tooth & Nail Records.

GUNGOR "When Death Dies" Acoustic Performance Video

Gungor graces with an acoustic version of "When Death Dies" from the Album, Ghosts Upon The Earth. Featuring Kevin Olusola (KO) on cello. Filmed and edited by: Donald Kilgore you can see more about the him

Free Music!! (Free and Good)

Hey all! If you are looking for some great new music but don't the funds for that vinyl you're craving here are some sites to hit up for some free mp3 downloads! Enjoy! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fleet Foxes Performing "Bedouin Dress"

It is hard to put into words our love for this band...Scott B.'s childhood it seems is depicted in this great jam by the always wonderful Fleet Foxes.

Loch Lomond - Elephants and Little Girls (Official Video)

Loch Lomond has made a pretty big splash with this track. Its getting a lot of notoriety and for good reason. Their Album "Little Me Will Start a Storm" is full of melodic master crafts like this.

DJ Shadow ft. Yukimi Nagano - Scale it Back (B.Lewis remix)

A nice remix featuring the sultry sounds of the sexy seductress from Little Dragon miss Yukimi Nagano. forever a fan.

I Saw Your Picture Today By Scott B.

Tell me what to say or even what to think,
tell me I look good as i throw up in your sink.
Down again up again down again,
when will this screech to halt, happiness begin!
Its like the world shrinks down into the palm of my hand,
When your face is visible, its hard to just stand,
here and take what I deserve and let you ruin my attitude,
I put such anger on board, just to see if you'd disapprove,

Chorus: so fuck off, step back, I've got two fists and theyre swinging,
Opened my mouth and forced air out, it just resulted in singing,
Im not a fighter but I wish I could pin your stupid ass on the ground!

Years and years pass, still I can't seem to forget,
cant we both make some progress? Just the tiniest bit,
would do me good... You know that it would so get out!
Out of this town where all this shit started,
The teens on these streets all end up broken hearted,
Keep your feelings to yourself, I like when you dont exist,
Miles away from anybody I know, and still emotions persist,
Get out of my head like you stormed out of my world,
Ill always rue the day I fell for such a egotistical girl!

Chorus: so fuck off, step back, I've got two fists and theyre swinging,
Opened my mouth and forced air out, it just resulted in singing,
Im no fighter but I wish I could pin your stupid ass on the ground!

Bernard Herrmann - Taxi Driver (theme)

One of the greatest film scores of all time, Bernard Hermann's score for Martin Scorsese's "Taxi Driver" is both haunting and beautiful. This was unfortunately the legendary composers last score, as he died soon after completing it (the film is in fact dedicated in his honor).

Brian Eno - Baby's on Fire

A great song from the legendary Brian Eno. Some great guitar work in this one.

Girls - Jamie Marie (Live)

An ode to lovers lost by the fabulous Girls. Such a great tune.

Jonny Greenwood - Convergence

An interesting little diddy from Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood. This piece was featured in the experimental film "Bodysong", as well as Paul Thomas Anderson's 2007 masterpiece "There Will Be Blood".

SBTRKT - Right Thing To Do Ft. Jessie Ware

You can't help but tap a foot to a SBTRKT beat. This is a good song to do some running to, maybe a little workout sesh. Killer beat and smooth and sexy vocals will have your ears in a frenzy. This is bomb. You can catch SBTRKT on March, 24, 2012 at The Orpheum. If you are in the area I'd say be there!

Honey (Acoustic) - Sun Hotel on Liveset

Sun Hotel is a little group from New Orleans who has been recently playing shows all across the south land. We caught their show when they passed through Houston. Their Set kept the crowd enticed throughout, it was pure magic. Songs that make you want to nod your head and sell your soul to mother music filled the atmosphere. Anyway, here is an acoustic rendition of one of our favorite Sun Hotel jams.

Caddywhompus - Same Difference

Great tune by an even greater band. If you ever get the chance to see them live you best capitalize! This is from Caddywhompus' album "Remainder" . Reminds us our home town in a way. Good Stuff.

Gold Panda - Marriage

One of our faves from gold Panda. Check out the remix by Baths sometime, its worth a listen! For more hit up

Baths - Aminals

This song is great =]

White Denim - A River to Consider

Boyfrndz - And So It Goes...

Matthias Goerne - Liederkreis, Op. 39 "Intermezzo"

Glenn Gould Plays Webern: Variations for Piano Op 27

"Upper Hand" by Kylie Price

Teeel - Goodbye

Sleigh Bells on SNL

An awesome performance of End of the Line on SNL.

Welcome to Eddie from Torrance!

Hello and welcome to Eddie from Torrance! A new blog filled with music from all sorts of different styles and genres. We will do our best to update the blog daily with new music we think is groovy enough to share with you folks. Also we are hoping to begin writing and posting reviews for newly released albums. Our goal is to give you a place to discover new artists and styles as well as share ones you already love. If you have any songs you think deserve recognition on our blog please email us about it. If we dig your tune selection we will definitely post it up. The more suggestions the better! We always love hearing undiscovered tracks! Hopefully with your help we'll get a steady flow of music going for you and all your friends to jam out to. Enjoy the blog and thanks for stopping by!